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Dream your dress: with us your dreams come true.

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  • Sagester modello ballo
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  • Modello Sagester ballo

    The models dedicated to ballroom dancing schools, clubs and individuals, are born after our direct experience at ballroom dancing world shows, in national and international competitions, where dresses design are followed by a qualified staff ready to propose unique pieces.

    We design and create dresses under request, giving also a professional advice in high fashion in sport by proposing textiles, colours, styles and applications that guarantees a high quality result fulfilling the athlete expectations.

    Garments made not only for competitions but also for your trainings where you can wear something comfortable, practical without giving up elegance.

    We create garments for the following categories:
    • Latin-american (rumba, cha cha cha, samba, paso doble, jive);
    • Standard ballroom dancing (quick step, slow fox, slow valzer, valzer viennese, tango);
    • National folk ballroom dance (polca, mazurca, foxtrot);
    • Caribbean (salsa, merengue, bachata);
    • Group dance (country);
    • Choreographic dance (disco gym and disco dance);
    • Dance jazz (boogie woogie, acrobatic rock);
    • Pole dance

    Find out about the features of our different fabrics!


    Lightweight, opaque charmeuse fabric that provides a perfect fit and absolute comfort. Anti-pilling, resistant to chlorine and UV rays, pleasant to the touch, two-ways stretch.


    It’s a fine and light fabric similar to silk.


    Lightweight, soft, stretch transparent fabric.


    Synthetic fabric, shiny and metallic look.

    Customize your look, make it unique!

    Es.1 Es.1


    Velvet dress enriched with pailletes, fringes on the same colour and swarovski stones in different sizes.
    Es. 2 Es. 2

    Es. 2

    One sleeve top and skirt with double skirt below made in sparkling and shining fabric. The fabric is elaborated with silver applications and swarovski stones in different sizes.
    Es.3 Es.3


    One sleeve dress with transparent applications, flowers in pailletes and hand cut tree sleeves in bright fabric, with swarovski stones in different sizes.
    Es. 4 Es. 4

    Es. 4

    Body with crossing straps in the back and skirt with pointed fringes applied.
    Es. 5 Es. 5

    Es. 5

    Elastic chiffon dress with lateral gathered, with crossing on the sides, and swarovski stones applied in different sizes.
    Es. 6 Es. 6

    Es. 6

    Dress for B3 Latin category, doubled with contrast lace, skirt with double flounce.
    Art. 4023 Art. 4023

    Art. 4023

    Net elastic shirt for men, it can be personalized.
    Mod.121 + Art.4016 Mod.121 + Art.4016

    Mod.121 + Art.4016

    Mod.121. Technical fabric body with half sleeve, opening in the crotch between the legs.
    Art.4016. Technical elastic fabric training trousers, it dresses comfortable. It comes with small belt.
    Mod. 4005 Mod. 4005

    Mod. 4005

    Skirt with different fabric levels with lace.
    Mod.4026 + Mod. 4020 Mod.4026 + Mod. 4020

    Mod.4026 + Mod. 4020

    Mod.4026. Half sleeve top with laze on the back.
    Mod. 4020. Tango trousers with wrist and lateral opening. Swarovski in the same colour applied on the sides.
    Mod. 4030 Mod. 4030

    Mod. 4030

    Skirt with double sparkling fabric.



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