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Sagester's success


Today we would like to accompany you in a long journey made of dreams, courage, creative talent, metres of colour fabric and a cascade of rhinestones.

A journey that began nearly 40 years ago, from the entrepreneurship spirit of a lady that decided to transform her own passion for a skill, until today, when Sagester is an accomplished company at an international level in high fashion in sport.

It’s about a brand that puts its solid values such as family, hand craft and passion, qualities that have always distinguished and allowed Sagester during the years, to expand in many areas of the world.



The year was 1980 when Ester Saggin got the request, from the president of the gymnastics club where her daughter Elena was enrolled, to make the bodies for the team. Ester, captivated because she is gifted with a stand out creativity and has a great tailoring passion, accepts and makes the club bodies at the same time, tailoring the skating dresses for her niece. The bodies and dresses made by Ester became succesful straight away and with positive through word of mouth, her name became viral. The continuous demand to make elegant dresses and outfits for the different sports, together with the capacity and creative talent, pushed her and her husband Donato to establish her first handcraft company (which she calls Sagester, taking out the first letters of her name and of her surname) that in the years is still growing thanks to the items made with special attention to the fabrics, materials and details that always interpreter the athletes taste.

With the passing years, the company develops and grows, Ester’s daughters, Elena and Roberta, flank their parents conducting the company, increasing the offer of sport disciplines and the requests of different dresses arrived from whole Europe allowing Sagester to export it’s own items “made in Italy”, first in the old continent and then in other markets such Russia, Japan, The U.S.A. and Israel.


Federation of Russia 2017

To this day, besides the show room in Zanè (Vicenza) and the Boutique in Milan, Sagester is present in 32 nations with a network of about 150 dealers and 25 corners inside the most important sport shops in the world.

The company at the moment, all formed by women, counts on fifteen employees and follows all the production steps: from the pattern makers to the cutting, from the packaging to the shipping, for both original dresses tailor made that need to be in line with the exhibition music, to the club uniforms, dresses and training outfits not forgetting the accessories.

In the years the prestigious rewards have been many: we have had the privilege to dress many European and international champions in different disciplines, besides beeing chosen by the International Olympic commettee as a technical partner for Turin 2006 Winter Olympic Games.

At the moment we are official technical partner of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia, with famous international athletes that have worn our models in their exhibitions.


On the base of our world wide success there is also the use of strategical technologies for the production and customization of clothes related to the different sports disciplines, as underlined in the article published by Techno Fashion Magazine last year.

In this occasion, Ester remembers the start, when to make a dress she used a two needles sewing machine, a serger, scissors and paper. Since then, the company has made a huge step towards technology, when purchasing different machines such the laser heat-seal machine that applies up to 1.000 Swarovski and rhinestones per hour, the automatic extender, until the purchase of the automatic cutter from Morgan Tecnica that has allowed a considerable time saver.

We don’t stop here: within the end of Summer, the company will reorganize the production spaces to optimise better the timing and efficency of the whole process of tailoring, packaging and logistics.

Sagester's machine

Caption: Stylistic aerea equipped by MD Visual models automatic insertion system by Morgan Tecnica, with digital photocamera, useful to obtain the texture of the printed fabric, to be managed on screen the placed prints. Source: TechnoFashion


Sagester's project with school

In the last year we have been part of different formative projects and young generations orienteering in both at a national and European levels: it’s about Narciso Project organized by Confartigianato di Vicenza, addressed to the third year of Medium school in Vicenza and province area (out of which  l’Istituto Comprensivo 3 Il Tessitore di Schio) and another project of cultural exchange with a group of French students from del Lycée Sommeiller di Annecy.

In this way we have supported and cooperated to get school and work life closer at international level.

The visits where organised to explain the students about how a business  start up works and the company evolution, about different products type, production cycle (from the dress cutting to the tailoring) followed by a company’s visit and machine’s analysis to show them how a special piece is produced according to the sport discipline.



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