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Sagester is official technical partner of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia

Nazionale Russa 2017

We are technical partner of the Figure Skating Federation of Russia.
Not only the main world champions chose the costumes made by the company in Zané, but even the Russian Federation for ice skating chose SAGESTER as technical partner for their athletes.
On the other hand SAGESTER was chosen on 2006, from the C.I.O. (International Olimpic Committee), as technical partner for the Winter Olympics in Turin.
Sagester in Russia

Sagester in Russia

During these last years SAGESTER is developing its sales network in Russia, where the quality and originality of the products are greatly appreciated by different skaters. This is the reason why the Russian Federation has chosen SAGESTER as technical partner for its athletes.

With this choice, also international champions such as Medvedeva, Pogorilaya, Rodionova, Sotskova, Lipnitskaia, Zagitova, Tsurskaia and many others have been able to appreciate the models that SAGESTER annually presents in its collections,as for example technical thermal outfits, t-shirts with custom designs, overalls, tights which are specifically designed for ice skating.

Nowadays SAGESTER makes use of the commercial cooperation in the Russian market of the renowned partner New Sport Company, which distributes apparel and technical equipment for ice sports through its boutiques “Figurist” and other dealers in all the Russian territory.

Take a look of Russian Federation’s website: http://www.fsrussia.ru/


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