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Sinuous and feminine shape. Example performance and unique style.

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    We make customised synchronized swimming suits, for single athletes, couples or groups.

    Thanks to the experience with national and international clubs, we make and create swimming suits in both fabrics: in simple LycraⓇ or with glitter effect, lurex and transparent like fabric made with hydrodynamic technical fabrics to offer a better performance together with style and elegance available in different colours.
    These peculiar fabrics, allow to obtain crushproof, comfortable and chlorine resistant garments, keeping at the same time elasticity, firmness and coverage in the areas were is more necessary. In any case, obtaining an ultrafine and light garment to give the feeling of wearing a second skin.

    Besides the custom made garment, we offer stylistic advice service following the chosen line and music theme together with the accessories like customised swimming caps combine with the swimming suit.

    We also create training outfits, clubs bodies and tracksuits (pants, jackets, tops and sweaters) customised in style, logos and club colours.

    In this section, you can see some examples of the garments we can make.

    Garments can be sent all around the world, according to your requests and needs.

    Find out about the features of our different fabrics!


    Lightweight, opaque charmeuse fabric that provides a perfect fit and absolute comfort. Anti-pilling, resistant to chlorine and UV rays, pleasant to the touch, two-ways stretch.


    Synthetic fabric, shiny and metallic look.


    Designed to ensure extreme fluidity of movement and guarantee maximum muscolar compression, lightweight and resistant, dries quickly, absorbs sweat and allows its natural evaporation. It’s fabric elasticity moulds to the body without being constricting, very thin and with UV protection.


    Lightweight, soft, stretch transparent fabric.

    Customize your look, make it unique!

    MOD. 3023 MOD. 3023

    MOD. 3023

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3014 MOD. 3014

    MOD. 3014

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3004 MOD. 3004

    MOD. 3004

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3001 MOD. 3001

    MOD. 3001

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3002 MOD. 3002

    MOD. 3002

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3003 MOD. 3003

    MOD. 3003

    Fabric: lycra, lurex + lace

    MOD. 3006 MOD. 3006

    MOD. 3006

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3011 MOD. 3011

    MOD. 3011

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3010 MOD. 3010

    MOD. 3010

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3012 MOD. 3012

    MOD. 3012

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3015 MOD. 3015

    MOD. 3015

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3016 MOD. 3016

    MOD. 3016

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. 3018 MOD. 3018

    MOD. 3018

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    MOD. cupoletta A MOD. cupoletta A

    MOD. cupoletta A

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    Size: unica

    Colors: matched with the swimming suits

    MOD. cupoletta B MOD. cupoletta B

    MOD. cupoletta B

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    Size: unica

    Colors: matched with the swimming suits

    MOD. cupoletta C MOD. cupoletta C

    MOD. cupoletta C

    Fabric: lycra, lurex

    Size: unica

    Colors: matched with the swimming suits


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