Exclusive garments for your performances

In our atelier unique creations come to life, custom made and according to your desires.

We will know how best to advise you, to create the dress you dream of, starting from the choice of colour, of the best quality Italian fabrics and finishing touches, to make it unique and exclusive.

  • Personalized design and study

  • Exclusive paper pattern

  • Dress complete with hair accessories, garment bag, hanger and elegant box

  • Internal artisanal production

Customization for teams and groups: High Fashion Sports tailor made dresses

We create custom made dresses and outfits for teams and sports groups as well. All starts from an idea which is then modelled on the athlete. We listen to the music, together we study the choreography, or, as it occurs with teams of a high level, we start from the trainer’s or choreographer’s idea, and

we submit a first proposal. We then create a first prototype which is later modified and improved to meet all the team’s requests. Once it has been approved we start with the actual production of all the garments.

The fabric is cut, the costume is sewn and in the end we decorate it and add  crystals.

Personalized outfits for sport clubs

Our atelier offers a personalization service for club outfits, for the bigger competitions but also for daily training.

We propose full outfits in different fabrics:

tracksuits, jackets, pants, t-shirts, leotards according to the discipline, from skating to swimming, from gymnastics to majorettes and cheerleaders.

The garment can be personalized according to request with different logos and colours, always respecting the club’s style and image.

All of us at SAGESTER consider it important to establish a long-lasting, mutually satisfying relationship with our clients, which doesn’t end after the delivery of the garments.

We also guarantee that we will be available for modifications, new orders and requests during the season.