Today, March 8th, at SAGESTER, we want to celebrate the feminine style, the one with which we make ourselves known every day in the world.

Ester, Elena, Roberta, Angelica, Nadia, Louella, Silvana…. : these and many others, which now we cannot mention due to space problems, are the SAGESTER women. Women who with strength and determination make their way to bring their unmistakable style into the world of sport.

Our garments reflect the personality, the determination and the courage of all the women who want to reach ever higher peaks, and our collaborators work with dedication and precision, creating costumes and clothes that will make our young athletes happy, and that will make our athletes, strong and elegant young men.

We would like to thank all our customers and collaborators, athletes and artists, trainers and mothers, who give us the desire to push ourselves higher and higher together with them, with the determination and commitment they know and we know how to put in place.

Happy Women’s Day to all !!!