During this difficult time for our country, Sagester, has enthusiastically accepted the request from the Veneto region and from Confartigianato to use their expertise and all their high-quality resources to produce filtering face masks using extremely highly waterproof Italian fabrics. These face masks can be used by both the general population and in the workplace whereby a distance of minimum one metre must be maintained.



Our face masks protect against droplet emissions, these are the tiny saliva droplets emitted when someone sneezes or coughs. For this reason, Sagester will turn these face masks not just into a new accessory to show off at work or socially, but also in sport.

In particular, for both our older and younger athletes who will soon recommence their training sessions, and who simply cannot give up Sagester’s elegant sportswear, we have created personalized face masks which include our logo and crystals, embellishing the face, even if it’s hidden. A variety of styles will be available, which will be made using waterproof but comfortable fabrics. Every face mask can be washed using sanitizer and detergent.



Secure but comfortable face masks for sport, with a unique elegant touch, this year’s new norm:

Yes to face masks, but with style!

Good luck to everyone, the professional and non-professional athletes, to their parents and all the workers, for restarting their jobs which we are certain will be even more exciting and full of drive. Because, the biggest victory is to be always present, regardless of everything going on around us!


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