and with it the desire to be reborn and return to live our passions, as soon as possible!


Despite the difficult year that has just gone by, we cannot fail to remember all our clients, one by one, all those who have chosen Sagester garments to better spend their time at home keeping themselves fit, and not be discouraged.

Today we want to THANK YOU ALL, because it is thanks to your trust that we find the strength to bring our products to the forefront of sportswear.

Sagester is the leader in the hi-tech sports apparel world, above all for what regards skating and all the artistic sports.
Its story begins in a small home workshop in which Ester Saggin sewed leotards for gymnasts and skaters, sports which were on the rise in the Vicenza area of those years. The capability to identify and discover new paths allowed the company to expand, so that today it is a point of reference firstly for the Veneto region, for Italy and then for the whole world.

Today Sagester is technical partner of many international figure skating federations and dresses the most important athletes all over the world.
Sagester garments are still designed and produced in the province of Vicenza, but are now distributed worldwide through 150 official dealers (Russia, China, Japan, USA, Canada and all over Europe).




The way of working and the approach aimed at protecting the environment have always led the company to seek eco-sustainable and
eco-friendly fabrics and materials.
In fact, the Nilit ® Heat fabric, which originates from the processing waste of coffee beans, which, mixed with a nylon thread and vegetable coal, gives life to a material which is suitable for creating highly performing and at the same time elegant garments.


Another strong point of our collections is the Green-Performing fabric, made with 100% recycled fibres, certified and of European origin. A fabric that ensures resistance, breathability and comfort, while respecting the environment.



Many athletes and sportsmen from all over the world choose Sagester because they are not satisfied with a mass-produced garment, but are looking for exclusive collections, handcrafted and ecological, with high performance and comfortable on the skin.


It’s not just sport, it’s a philosophy of life!

Choose to move, but eco-friendly!


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