How important is the image in the world of skating?

We who work alongside athletes who prepare very important competitions in which nothing is left to chance, we know it well!


We have been following leading teams for many years and we are wearing athletes who participate in the biggest international competitions. Often we are part of the creative process in the preparation of the competition programs: we listen to the music, we try to understand in depth the theme and the message that we want to launch through a certain performance, and only then do we proceed to the creation of the costume.
But it does not end here: adequate makeup and hairstyle are equally important to characterize the performance and adapt to the image that the athlete wants to give of himself to the public and, above all, to the judges. In fact, it is often the juries that intervene with advice or criticism on the outfit chosen by the athlete . This is why it is always advisable to rely on professionals in the sector, something that is now done by many teams and individuals.


And given the importance of every detail, especially in these competitions, we interviewed < strong> Tatiana Ierardi , make-up artist who collaborates in the world of groups and with her works enhances and enhances our work to the maximum. Here’s what he told us.

Tell us a little about yourself: what is your training and in which field do you work?
“After earning my diploma in Artistic Maturity, I am a beautician qualified to do business, I have done and still do my professional activity in various business contexts. I am a lecturer, technical coordinator and contact person for design and development at the Victory Vocational Training Center (based in Vicenza and Padua). ”

How did you approach the world of skating?
“Thanks to the request of a sports company that wanted to include me first with a make-up consultancy, then also involving the Victory school team in the project. Skating is a fascinating world, where elegance is combined with technical and athletic gesture: it was stimulating to work alongside coaches and choreographers to understand the theme to be developed, and the study of the dress to match the right makeup and colors. ”

What are the elements you care about in stage / sports makeup?
“In the stage / sporting make-up the first thing to take into account is the resistance of the cosmetic product that I will use. This type of trick, in addition to resistance, must have a greater impact in visibility, especially from afar and in videos and photos. Therefore a first artistic and stylistic draft must be studied, then the practical tests of realization are carried out. We need to make a scenic trick in various passages and with the help of accessories like false eyelashes, glitter and specific colors for facepainting or we can use the airbrush technique. ”

How was your experience on the field?
“My experience has been very positive, it is certain that it is not really a job for everyone, given the conditions in which it is very often necessary to work. It is very important to know how to adapt and have a lot of knowledge of your tools and your team, if present. ”

Have you been satisfied with the result?
“I am very satisfied with the result, never too much because I am a very demanding person and I believe that we can always do better with the experience and the good fortune of being able to collaborate with such kind and helpful companies, as happened to me.”

Many thanks to Tatiana and good work for your next experiences!


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